1cm cut on the tongue

A 1 cm cut on the tongue was what Joaquin got yesterday. I was in school when I got a text reply from Joaquin’s yaya that he had slipped while taking a bath. I immediately asked if his head had hit any hard surface. It was a good thing that she had the presence of mind to “secure” Joaquin’s head as he fell down. Only his shoulder had hit the floor. It was a good thing also that we were staying at my parent’s house for the weekend and Dr. Ginger was at home. She checked Joaquin and texted back to me that he was fine – was eating well, happy and jumping after some time. In the evening, as Joaquin was playing with the phone’s flashlight, I saw the 1 cm red colored cut on the tongue. Ouch, that must have hurt earlier. Praise God that it wasn’t painful anymore.

At 1 year and 5 months, Joaquin has had his share of bruises, bukols, scratches from running very fast, tripping, falling off a chair, bumping the headboard of the bed, hitting some toys, etc.

The first few times it happened, Wally and I, as first time parents naturally panicked and worried. The next few times it happened again, we just shook our heads, got some ice from the freezer and tried to remove the “danger” zone that Joaquin had discovered. Even Joaquin is used to it. Whenever you ask, where’s the “ouch,” he points to his head because that’s where the “ouch” usually is. Oh, and  he can even hold the ice pack over the “ouch” part by himself.


A happy baby even with the “ouch.”

As parents, our primary concern is the welfare and the safety of the children. But the reality is that no matter how big or small our homes are, we really can’t baby proof everything 100% at all times.

Boys will be boys. Toddlers will be toddlers.  We can only do so much. Haaay…..So, thank you dear Lord  for the guardian angels that You have sent to be with our malikot and makulit children at every moment each day!