6 tips to clean crystals

Having the crystals clean is much easier than you think. We show you the best tips so you can keep them shiny.

The cleaning of glass in a house is something that must be undertaken at least twice a year . Depending on the size and number of windows, it can be a long or short task to undertake, but what is clear is that it will be much more efficient if you do it with a minimum of organization. Do you want to know the tips of The Home Academy to clean the crystals properly? We tell you!

The first thing you have to take into account is the environment in which your house is located, since depending on it, the windows will have a type of dirt . For example, in cities, it is normal for windows to have a more greasy dirt, due to pollution, however, in the countryside the dirt will be mainly dust and pollen.

6 tips that will make your windows shine shining are the following:

1. Find a suitable date. It is clear that cleaning windows should be done at the right time. If you have planned the organization of your home you will know in what month you will have to start these cleanings. Search, in addition, a day in which you have time and have confirmed that the weather forecast will be favorable , avoiding those days of risk of rain or wind.

2. Prepare everything necessary. Think about how you are going to commit the cleaning of the crystals to have everything ready. The most frequent is that you will need a basin, sponge, cloth, water, soap, special cloth to dry glass and a safe ladder.

3. Follow the crystal cleaning protocol. This consists of cleaning the window from the inside out to use the cleanest water on the inside of it. Also, first clean the frame and then go to the crystals.

4. Look at the amount of dirt accumulated in the windows and choose the basic cleaning products well . If the window is very dirty you will have to change the water more frequently and if it has a lot of dirty grease it will be convenient to add a little vinegar to the soapy water. The way to clean the window is to apply soapy water with a cloth and rinse well afterwards. Next, dry with a special glass cloth to avoid marks.

5. Clean the windows in order. This is the way to work effectively and do not forget to clean some of the crystals, especially if you have a large number of windows in the house.

6. Pick up cleaning supplies properly . As in any type of cleaning, take care to collect the tools and products you have used and store them in their proper place, clean and in good condition for the next use.