7 tips to sleep earlier

If you wanted to go to bed at 10 o’clock at night, you spent three hours tossing and turning in bed, maybe this interests you.

I have never known how to get to sleep early. It is as if my mind tried to challenge the fatigue I feel and I always want to end up winning. It is not the best way to go to bed. We know that a good night’s sleep, in quality rather than in quantity , helps to have better memory, increases your creativity, helps you to conserve your weight, lowers your stress and avoids depression.

Although there are days when we propose to sleep earlier, and even give a little more time, it happens frequently that we can not fall asleep, although we have proposed to sleep at 10 o’clock. Regarding this rest, a lot is a matter of habit, most of the time the bad,

1. Change paradigms
The first step is to redefine what you consider “late” and “early”. This concept changes with the years, in general, when you arrive at the university it reaches its peak. Example: for me, sleeping early in my college days was going to bed at 1 in the morning. Now at midnight I can not take much longer. But ultimately changing this definition helps you start preparing to sleep a little earlier. The first step is to redefine what time you want to sleep and stick to it.

2. Leave the electronics
This is very instinctive, we are not made to be awake in the dark. But with electricity and technology, we have lengthened the hours we stay awake. And in recent years, the problem has worsened a bit because we have too many devices at our fingertips. Between the computer, the tablets and the cell phone, we have enough instruments that give us the light that our system needs to stay awake a little more. This step requires discipline: one hour before you have decided that you will sleep, leave all your electronics apart. Turn them off, it will also serve you a break.

3. Leave work in the office
The new communication tools and the fact that we can be “available 24 hours a day” affect our sleep cycles. If you are waiting all the time, you will feel that you are working all day, which will not allow your body to lower its energy until it reaches the necessary state of relaxation. You can not lower your energy gradually either. If it seems too important to continue to be available, make it your goal to switch off two or three hours before going to sleep. That’s why there is an office schedule, do not lengthen it.

4. Write a diary of pending and concerns
Many times it is not that you are not tired, your body feels exhausted, but your mind is still very awake. The worst: it takes a long time to get it to calm down. In fact, sometimes it takes us all night. Take a few minutes in the afternoon or a while before you sleep, to write the next day’s earrings, the things you have to remember, the payments to make, the urgent calls. So that, at the time of sleep, your mind is calm and you can enter the rest faster.

5. Exercise early
People who do some physical activity report a better quality of sleep than those who do not. What’s more, those who exercise early sleep better than those who exercise at night. As a bonus, it is easier for them to change their sleep schedules and get up earlier. If you exercise and try it early, your body will be genuinely tired at bedtime.

6. Start a routine
If you have already decided to go to bed earlier, you need to start your ritual for the bed earlier. That is, brush your teeth, make-up, put on your pajamas, etc. Always follow that routine helps your body to enter a state of calm. Likewise, as very young children do, when you are in bed move, stretch, yawn.

7. Sleep when you are tired
Fighting with sleep does not really help much. You may feel a little more energized for a while, however the next day it will not be like that. If you are tired, go to sleep.

It seems logical, but from these steps there are many that we skip. So many times we propose to sleep earlier and we find ourselves spinning in bed for hours, and we give up. But the trick is to complete several steps before getting into the arms of Morfeo earlier. On my own, I’ll try it, make it girls too! And they tell us the result.