How to wash the car well

Do not hesitate. The more time you spend on your car paint, bird droppings, insect debris, tree resins, road dust, tar stains, soot particles, antifreeze salts or any other type of aggressive dirt, more Destroyer effects will have on your vehicle.

How often to wash it? It will depend on how much you use the car and where you keep it. There will be people who need to wash it once a month (or less) and others every week. As a rule, you will need this:
Shampoo: To clean effectively and leave a good finish. Avoid detergents and cleaners not specific to cars and check their characteristics: cleaning power, ability to evacuate water, polymers that enhance the shine …
Sponge: Natural lamb wool cloths (they collect more water and are softer) or microfiber gloves (very durable) are recommended. This way you avoid making micro-scratches on the paint, as many sponges drag dirt.
Drying: Use microfiber towels. It is a very absorbent material and avoid damage because they are designed not to scratch. Forget the rags and kitchen towels.
Two buckets of water: One for the shampoo and one for rinse (you can also change the water and use only one, of course).
You have to take some care according to the method you use to wash it :

Washing tunnel
Before going into automatic washing take the normal precautions: close the windows and sunroof if you have. Quiet, you do not need to remove the original roof antenna . What you should remove are special vehicle add-ons: roof racks, an additional antenna … If you have any doubts, ask the person in charge of the car wash beforehand.

Pressure washing
Read the instructions for using the high-pressure cleaning device, especially the distance at which you should project the water on your car.

The water temperature should not exceed 60 ° C and try to maintain a relatively large distance from the softer parts of the car, such as rubber hoses, plastic or acrylic accessories and tires, so as not to damage them.

Hand wash
First of all, use plenty of water to soften the dirt. So then you will have to rub much less. Some people advise to start cleaning through the roof. But also those who advise before anything clean the tires to avoid splashing then clean areas.

We agree with this second opinion: they are the element that needs the most aggressive cleaning techniques and products , and it is not advisable that it reaches the bodywork. Give that dirt hard with a brush and then throw away that water. It would be like washing your hair with the water you used to wash your feet.

From there, clean the car from top to bottom . The water will fall down and the dirt from the lower parts will be easier to clean and less aggressive.

If you wash the vehicle with a hose , do not direct the water jet directly at the locks and door seals and the gate. Even if you think it dries earlier, try not to wash the car in the sun. You must dry it with a soft cloth to the touch. For crystals , an old and effective trick: newspaper, more effective and cheaper than specific cleaners.

What you must do to take care of your baby in the best way

There are some basic care for newborns that every mother should know. Making your child grow up healthy often depends only on small details. If you are a new mother, the following tips will be of great help.

To take care of your baby in the best way, it is advisable to follow a list of recommendations. These will be very beneficial to cover your needs continuously and adequately. The first years of life are key to the formation and psychomotor and behavioral development of the youngest.

Guidelines for caring for your baby
For this reason, there are certain parameters that must be met to provide them with special care during this important stage of growth.

Breastfeeding babies
The World Health Organization (WHO) states that breastfeeding is essential to strengthen the baby’s immune system. In addition, breast milk has the characteristic of providing a balance of nutrients and vitamins for the anatomical development of the newborn.

Give only the necessary food
The stomach of babies is reduced at the time of birth. This means that babies should drink a small amount of milk , at intervals of approximately two to three hours . If these times are met, it contributes to the growth and a balanced diet of the child.

The flavors of the milk that is given to babies should be taken care of through breast milk. In the period of lactation of children, it is not advisable to eat certain foods. This is the case of asparagus, artichokes or strong drinks. This causes the milk to acquire a bitter taste that the baby will reject.

When this happens, it is best to wait for the maternal product to regenerate, and to endure a couple of hours to feed the baby again.

Regulate your temperature
A recommendation for mothers is that before bed the sheets are heated where the child will be placed, at least at a temperature of 20 degrees. Babies usually express the cold with crying and this could be the solution, and this will help prevent many colds.

Caring for the skin of the newborn
The skin of babies is very delicate, which is why it must be taken care of from the moment they are born. It is recommended that before putting on any garment for the first time, it has been washed or sterilized at least.

It is very useful to use fabrics such as cotton, linen or wool. They are the best to take care of your baby and that your skin does not suffer, especially when they have from zero to four years. In this way, the appearance of allergies will be avoided, since they favor perspiration.

“The first years of life are key to the formation and psychomotor and behavioral development of the youngest”

Moisturize and cleanse your skin
By changing the diapers, they will be taking care of the intimate parts and comfort of the baby . Before putting a diaper, it is advisable to clean the intimate areas of the baby gently and moisturize them to prevent the skin from becoming irritated. The heat and moisture generated by the baby’s urine causes skin irritation and discomfort.

Appropriate shoes
When babies start to crawl, it is recommended that they use soft or flexible footwear with a strong structure . This will prevent bumps and marks on the skin of the baby’s feet. This stage is unique, but parents must pay close attention to avoid injuries and discomfort.

Cut their nails after the month of birth
This is a subject with some controversy and variety of opinions. However, some experts say that it is not necessary to cut the nails of a newborn , at least until the month ends. It is only advisable to do it before if your little nails get tangled in your clothes.

To cut them, it is suggested to do it right after taking a bath. We will wrap the baby in a towel so that he does not move much and we will make a straight cut. If it does not stay quiet, it can be done when you are asleep.

Avoid shaking the baby
To care for babies it is advised not to be shaken under any circumstances. Shaking small children could cause brain or vertebral damage, and even greater damage. Parents often move their children energetically for fun or to see how they react. You have to know that, until they have developed their muscles, they are not able to stand it.

These tips to take care of your baby can avoid many accidents and worries. Many of them are necessary so that children can develop an excellent state of health as they grow.

How to care for a 3 month old baby

A three-month-old baby is still a ‘blank sheet’ and is completely vulnerable to his environment. He begins to have memory, to express himself intentionally, to develop skills and see the world for the first time. Our mission is to take care of him, but to do it as it is right we must understand what exactly it is to have three months of life:
– Regarding her eating habits , she continues to take breast milk or byproducts – the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until six months of age – but the number of intakes will have decreased.

– Regarding the time of sleep, the baby is consolidating their sleep-wake cycles , sleeping for longer periods and, fortunately, begins to sleep more at night. It is adapting to the normative sleep schedule, but it still has to dedicate many hours for its correct development: in total, more or less between 15 and 18 hours.

– Your body is widening and you can get about 200 grams per week. It also stretches and increases to 3 cm in height and 1-2 cm in cranial perimeter per month. Although, as we always say, it is completely orientative and will depend on the metabolism of your son or daughter.

– The eyes of the baby have developed and will begin to glimpse its true color (although we can not really know until six months). The baby’s vision will allow him to discover the world around him, that’s why observation is his new favorite activity. He looks at his hands, plays, follows objects and people in slow motion with his eyes, he keeps his eyes wide open, looking at the faces with great attention, focusing on his eyes and mouth (perhaps because it is the most direct and intrinsic focus of communication ). When he is lying down he keeps moving his legs and arms and observes them with attention. You may sometimes notice that you change your expression and differentiate people from your day to day with strangers. That’s because he already recognizes familiar objects and peoplefrom afar, he is able to perceive the smallest details, and can focus almost at any distance.

– Hearing and communication continue to improve and begin to emit their first laughs, sounds or babbles . But they are not absurd or made by chance: it is a process of imitation of the environment and tries to reproduce sounds that you have heard from you or from the environment. In addition, he begins to feel comforted by human and familiar voices and will begin to need them. You will be able to notice these changes when you see that he turns his head in the direction of the sounds or he listens fascinated to his own voice … And if you think about it, it is normal. Imagine not having ever heard your own voice and discover that you are capable of producing sounds with your throat, your vocal cords, your tongue and your mouth. Everything is first times!

– As for the motor development – physical and motor -, he is already able to hold his head without help , since the muscles of his neck have been strengthened. Mind you, he still can not keep sitting by himself because he still has no references to get the balance or points of support in his column, so he will require your help. This also happens because he still has a baby’s spine, bent in a “c” shape due to the fetal position that he keeps from being embedded in the uterus. If we leave him face down, he will be able to raise his head and some of his chest supporting himself with his arms (although his vision will continue to crouch).

You can start to hold things by yourself and have some control with your body : you can intentionally join and separate hands and legs, you will grasp objects with both hands, you can stretch your arms to reach something (even if you still miscalculate distances), you will push yourself with The legs supporting the feet when placed on a firm surface, will hold the hand to the mouth more and more consciously and will shake your body or some object when something excites or catches your attention.

– Begin your learning in terms of mental development and knowledge acquisition . You can already distinguish the colors and the size of the objects even if you do not establish logical comparisons, start to recognize familiar faces in photographs and know when you put an object in your hand (although curiously you will not know if it is part of your body or not). If you notice that he likes to touch your face or grab your hair , in reality what he is doing is analyzing the human face that transmits a lot of concern to him, and especially his mouth because it is the place where all those sounds that amaze him are emitted.

– After three months the social smile appears . Until now your baby had done so, it was an impulse of imitation or a simple muscular movement in relation to feelings of pleasure or relaxation. But from now on he will smile intentionally, either because he has discovered that he transmits and it is the way to express happiness, or because he notices that when he does, everyone responds with another smile and more attention. The same thing happens with crying and can cry because of sadness or fear of being alone. She also begins to understand that her body is used to communicate and her way of saying “hello” or “goodbye” is smiling and moving her body . In general, he communicates more expressively, with a superior range of gestures he has learned from you.

Therefore, once we know at what level of physical and mental development our baby is, we can begin to develop a plan to take care of him and help him in the best way possible:

– As the number of shots has decreased and they will become more regular, it is important that we follow a routine : we must continue to feed on demand but not too long without milk so that we do not go hungry and continue with adequate milk production. If your baby uses a bottle with prepared milk, it is recommended that you give it one every three or four hours so that it gives time for the baby to digest the milk, because it takes longer to digest than the mother’s milk.

– At bedtime, we have to start incorporating a night schedule , but without excess, and remember that they must sleep many more hours. To relax and get into the dream faster, we can sing lullabies (the voice is what calms them most), prepare a bath with warm water, massage, put relaxing music… But the most important thing for your health is to correct your posture while you sleep, since you must do it on your back to reduce the risk of sudden death. It is also preferable that you do not always sleep on the same side, as plagiocephaly, a deformity of the bones of the skull, may occur because they are not yet fully welded. Co-sleeping is advisable even at this age, since this way we are more attentive to when it requires our care.

– It is very curious, since many say that the way you carry your baby can help your body to develop properly . For example, when lifting it, you have to make your body work and strengthen: it allows your head to move from one side to the other and leaves your arms free, you should always face it. In addition, the best position to carry it is by placing it vertically, upside down and semi-sitting. But be careful! Do not let your spine arch too much and lose control of your head.

– To stimulate your vision, it is good to show different colors and new objects. Although something as simple as walking outside can be a real learning.

– To help you with your motor system , it is best to perform exercises that focus attention on your own body, so that you learn to manage it. You must repeat the actions constantly, and that you get the coordination of your movements. The important thing is that it strengthens the upper part of the trunk. We can also do “gymnastics” with him now that he can keep him incorporated for a while, moving his arms and bending his legs. Although always with caution because if we leave it alone on a surface we run the risk of it sliding or turning if it is not well supported on the back.

-To help with hearing and communication we can repeat the sounds that he produces as “garlic”, “gu-gu”, since he will interpret it as something he is capable of achieving and will begin to gain confidence.

– Although the most important thing for the stimulation of the baby will always be our love and the strengthening of our bond. Our voice, our contact, our look … are the safest and happiest references you have in the world. If we did not have a single toy, the baby would have enough with our games, discovery and our attention. So the best way to take good care of a three-month-old baby is not so complex: look at him and return to observe the world for the first time.

How to sleep early at night: Tricks and Techniques

If your mind is not at peace, it will be difficult for you to relax and sleep peacefully. Every night it repeats itself, you lie in bed with intentions to sleep, and unfortunately this does not happen. What’s more, it costs you until you close your eyes, you look like an owl. And the worst of all is that you are tired, you feel physically exhausted and even mentally. If I’m tired why can not I sleep? Damn insomnia. I do not know how to sleep early. You regret night after night, and then on top you have to get up early. The next day you hope that not having slept much the night before this time you can, but it is not like that. You start to perform less during the day, you live exhausted. Your life begins to be a martyrdom and the despair begins. You feel alone at night, empty. You realize that something is wrong. And you ask … Because I can not sleep?

Maybe someone is missing, maybe something worries you, maybe you feel afraid, who knows. Or maybe something makes you feel euphoric, something excites you, something makes you impatient, or think about your things, projects, plans. There can be so many reasons for your insomnia that you could create just one article talking about them. Whether for good or bad, for positive or negative feelings, your mind is full . It’s like a computer working day and night, but it has a switch and you just have to find it. How to sleep early One of the roots of the solution would be to learn to control your emotions so as not to disturb the mind. This is fine to say, but applying it is another issue. It can be very complex and time-consuming. In this article I will not talk about it because indirectly I do it in many. In fact, this blog is intended to lead readers towards a better mental education, to strengthen the mind, and therefore, emotional control is totally implicit. So, how can I sleep early at night? The solution is to try to arrive with a calm mind at the moment you want to go to sleep. We have to get disconnected, relax, and not give ball to the issues that prevent our dream.

To work. Use the computer. Using the cellphone. Do things that require mental effort. Do sport. If we watch television that are not programs, series or movies with a high rate and a lot of action. Watching a relaxed documentary, for example, of nature or fauna, would be ideal. After that, I’m sure you’ll ask: what do I do, look at the wall? They take away our technology and we are no longer anyone. What would we do without the mobile, the computer or the television … I recommend you read a book. If it can be in paper format or with a device adapted to it. I do not even recommend reading on the computer. When you feel the dream and your eyes begin to close, you will be close to the desired moment. Reading will help you to disconnect. You will forget everything and your mind will relax. You will avoid distracting yourself and moving away from that mental switch that disconnects our mind. Then leave the book and lie on the bed. Obviously close the light, and start to breathe deeply. Now is when you have to meditate , concentrate on your breathing. Observe it and avoid thinking about anything else. Keep it up until you fall asleep, where it should happen soon. Above all, avoid getting out of meditation since you will activate your brain again. Nothing happens if at times you get distracted, but try to return to your breathing. If despite all these tips you can not get to sleep, or just notice the dream, it’s because there are really issues that are affecting you too much. Here you should look for alternative options depending on the case. Still, as I said, this blog seeks to strengthen our minds, and with this we should be able to have more control of what affects us.

As a warning, in any case I recommend you resort to medication if you do not know what to do for insomnia. We will only be able to depend on them, apart from the fact that they are very harmful to health. Every time we need higher doses because our body gets used to it and we stop noticing the effects, and in the end the only thing we will achieve is to create dependency, without results and with side effects. By the way, I look at the clock and see that it’s 4:28 AM. And it is not that my advice is not worth anything, but that I have not fulfilled it. Right now I am working, using the computer and making a mental effort. This I am telling you so that you gain awareness that knowing without doing is useless . Therefore, I encourage you to put into practice everything said. Sweet Dreams

Clean paint stains on windows

If we have to imply paint stains on the windows , the first thing is to look at the back of the boat. You want to know why?

When we make renovations at home, it is likely that the paint will splash our windows at some point . If we have the can of paint by hand we can read on the label the type of solvent you need.

If we know it will be very simple, we apply the solvent with a cloth and, as if by magic, it disappears from the glass. Normally if the base of the paint is water , a damp cloth will suffice to remove it and if it is oily, a little turpentine. That’s right, the sooner we remove the stain, the easier it will be.

If the stain is very large we can help with a scraper , but we will always have to be very careful not to scratch the glass. In addition, this technique also serves for the mirror or frames of the sale of plastic or aluminum.

How to clean large crystals

Learn the simple technique of cleaning large crystals, to be able to enjoy the rays of sunlight that enter through the shining windows.

Cleaning the glass is simple, although they are very large, you only need to have a good glazier kit .

To clean large windows it is best to use glass cleaning glue or strips, because in one pass we end up with dirt on a large part of the surface.

First, we must pass a sponge with a little soap (it is important not to use too much so that later it does not cost us to clear the crystals) and then the rubber strip or glass cleaner. Then we rinse the tool with a damp cloth and continue with another part of the surface.

If we do not have this tool and we can not get one, we should never use cloths that release lint but chamois and newspaper. On the other hand, it is important to know that we should not dry with kitchen paper , or use very hot water or rub excessively with the dry cloth.

To clean the rags we use to clean the glass it is better not to put them in the washing machine and wash them by hand with a few drops of vinegar and warm water .

6 tips to clean crystals

Having the crystals clean is much easier than you think. We show you the best tips so you can keep them shiny.

The cleaning of glass in a house is something that must be undertaken at least twice a year . Depending on the size and number of windows, it can be a long or short task to undertake, but what is clear is that it will be much more efficient if you do it with a minimum of organization. Do you want to know the tips of The Home Academy to clean the crystals properly? We tell you!

The first thing you have to take into account is the environment in which your house is located, since depending on it, the windows will have a type of dirt . For example, in cities, it is normal for windows to have a more greasy dirt, due to pollution, however, in the countryside the dirt will be mainly dust and pollen.

6 tips that will make your windows shine shining are the following:

1. Find a suitable date. It is clear that cleaning windows should be done at the right time. If you have planned the organization of your home you will know in what month you will have to start these cleanings. Search, in addition, a day in which you have time and have confirmed that the weather forecast will be favorable , avoiding those days of risk of rain or wind.

2. Prepare everything necessary. Think about how you are going to commit the cleaning of the crystals to have everything ready. The most frequent is that you will need a basin, sponge, cloth, water, soap, special cloth to dry glass and a safe ladder.

3. Follow the crystal cleaning protocol. This consists of cleaning the window from the inside out to use the cleanest water on the inside of it. Also, first clean the frame and then go to the crystals.

4. Look at the amount of dirt accumulated in the windows and choose the basic cleaning products well . If the window is very dirty you will have to change the water more frequently and if it has a lot of dirty grease it will be convenient to add a little vinegar to the soapy water. The way to clean the window is to apply soapy water with a cloth and rinse well afterwards. Next, dry with a special glass cloth to avoid marks.

5. Clean the windows in order. This is the way to work effectively and do not forget to clean some of the crystals, especially if you have a large number of windows in the house.

6. Pick up cleaning supplies properly . As in any type of cleaning, take care to collect the tools and products you have used and store them in their proper place, clean and in good condition for the next use.

How to remove scratches from the glass

Let’s see how to remove scratches from the glass , both on a table and on any other glass surface. The use makes scratches inevitable, but they can be solved.

The first thing we have to do to remove scratches from glass or glass, is to clean the surface well . Then, we have to take into account the depth of the rayon, since for those very deep they may not be too useful.

The first trick to remove scratches from the glass, is to apply toothpaste on the scratched surface and spread it evenly with a cloth. Wait for it to dry and remove with a dry cloth what protrudes. In this way we will have concealed the damaged surface.

In the drugstores and similar stores we can also find a wax for crystals and we can use it as a substitute for toothpaste to remove scratches from the glass. To use it, we will have to follow the instructions of the product, since they can vary depending on the manufacturer. Commonly, it is spread on the glass and allowed to act for a few minutes, which vary depending on the manufacturer, and then a cloth is passed over the surface to remove the excess product.

The last option, something more expensive, is to polish the surface . The only drawback is that the entire piece has to be polished to be even and, if it is too large, it can be too cumbersome. In any case, it must be done with great care and following the indications of the product.

In short, for small imperfections in the crystals we can opt for more caserilla solutions, such as toothpaste or crystal wax . If the problem gets bigger, always go to a professional who puts an end to imperfections.

How to order the drawers

Learn to organize your drawers so that they stay organized for longer and you can find what you are looking for at a glance.

Do you have the drawers full of things? When do you need something you do not even know where to start looking? If in spite of you order and order, nothing is going to be upside down again, your drawers are telling you that they need a bit of organization.

Before ordering , it is important to be clear about the organizational criteria that we will continue to follow: “A place for everything and everything in its place”; Always works. Discover the organizing tips of the expert in order Ruth Martín:

Where to start?

To start:

1. Empty the drawer completely.

2. Clean it.

3. Select what you want to keep and get rid of the rest.

4. Decide what things you want to keep in that drawer.

5. Group by categories the different objects or garments that you are going to introduce in the drawer.

How to group by categories?

1. The objects of the same category must be in the same place . If we are organizing a drawer of winter accessories, they will only be in that drawer; not distributed by different places of the house. In this way, know where they are and where to leave them. It becomes a reflex act.

2. If we live as a family, we have to order first by person, then by category . In this case, the complements of each member could be in their own drawer or in a shared drawer in it that we would introduce some separation system to have perfectly differentiated and identified the complements of each person.

Clothes drawer ordered by categories in different boxes without a lid . Source: Amazon.

How can we organize the inside of a drawer?

Compartmentalizing it is key. There are endless resources to organize and delimit the interior space of the drawers : plastic dividers, dividers, boxes without lids. .. These separations allow us to see clearly that there is in every corner of the drawer at a simple glance.

Following the previous example of winter accessories, now it’s time to separate them by their different categories (scarves, gloves, hats, handkerchiefs, belts …). We will place each of these categories in a differentiated way, using any means of separation from the aforementioned or even the folding of the garments. In this way, we will easily know where it is and where to place everything.

The vertical folding, the great ally of the order in the drawers

Placing everything possible vertically allows us to:

  • Optimize the space of the drawer.
  • Quickly and easily visualize each item or item.
  • Access what we need without messing up the rest .
  • Keep the drawers fully organized and organized.