Clean paint stains on windows

If we have to imply paint stains on the windows , the first thing is to look at the back of the boat. You want to know why?

When we make renovations at home, it is likely that the paint will splash our windows at some point . If we have the can of paint by hand we can read on the label the type of solvent you need.

If we know it will be very simple, we apply the solvent with a cloth and, as if by magic, it disappears from the glass. Normally if the base of the paint is water , a damp cloth will suffice to remove it and if it is oily, a little turpentine. That’s right, the sooner we remove the stain, the easier it will be.

If the stain is very large we can help with a scraper , but we will always have to be very careful not to scratch the glass. In addition, this technique also serves for the mirror or frames of the sale of plastic or aluminum.