How to clean large crystals

Learn the simple technique of cleaning large crystals, to be able to enjoy the rays of sunlight that enter through the shining windows.

Cleaning the glass is simple, although they are very large, you only need to have a good glazier kit .

To clean large windows it is best to use glass cleaning glue or strips, because in one pass we end up with dirt on a large part of the surface.

First, we must pass a sponge with a little soap (it is important not to use too much so that later it does not cost us to clear the crystals) and then the rubber strip or glass cleaner. Then we rinse the tool with a damp cloth and continue with another part of the surface.

If we do not have this tool and we can not get one, we should never use cloths that release lint but chamois and newspaper. On the other hand, it is important to know that we should not dry with kitchen paper , or use very hot water or rub excessively with the dry cloth.

To clean the rags we use to clean the glass it is better not to put them in the washing machine and wash them by hand with a few drops of vinegar and warm water .