How to order the drawers

Learn to organize your drawers so that they stay organized for longer and you can find what you are looking for at a glance.

Do you have the drawers full of things? When do you need something you do not even know where to start looking? If in spite of you order and order, nothing is going to be upside down again, your drawers are telling you that they need a bit of organization.

Before ordering , it is important to be clear about the organizational criteria that we will continue to follow: “A place for everything and everything in its place”; Always works. Discover the organizing tips of the expert in order Ruth Martín:

Where to start?

To start:

1. Empty the drawer completely.

2. Clean it.

3. Select what you want to keep and get rid of the rest.

4. Decide what things you want to keep in that drawer.

5. Group by categories the different objects or garments that you are going to introduce in the drawer.

How to group by categories?

1. The objects of the same category must be in the same place . If we are organizing a drawer of winter accessories, they will only be in that drawer; not distributed by different places of the house. In this way, know where they are and where to leave them. It becomes a reflex act.

2. If we live as a family, we have to order first by person, then by category . In this case, the complements of each member could be in their own drawer or in a shared drawer in it that we would introduce some separation system to have perfectly differentiated and identified the complements of each person.

Clothes drawer ordered by categories in different boxes without a lid . Source: Amazon.

How can we organize the inside of a drawer?

Compartmentalizing it is key. There are endless resources to organize and delimit the interior space of the drawers : plastic dividers, dividers, boxes without lids. .. These separations allow us to see clearly that there is in every corner of the drawer at a simple glance.

Following the previous example of winter accessories, now it’s time to separate them by their different categories (scarves, gloves, hats, handkerchiefs, belts …). We will place each of these categories in a differentiated way, using any means of separation from the aforementioned or even the folding of the garments. In this way, we will easily know where it is and where to place everything.

The vertical folding, the great ally of the order in the drawers

Placing everything possible vertically allows us to:

  • Optimize the space of the drawer.
  • Quickly and easily visualize each item or item.
  • Access what we need without messing up the rest .
  • Keep the drawers fully organized and organized.