How to remove scratches from the glass

Let’s see how to remove scratches from the glass , both on a table and on any other glass surface. The use makes scratches inevitable, but they can be solved.

The first thing we have to do to remove scratches from glass or glass, is to clean the surface well . Then, we have to take into account the depth of the rayon, since for those very deep they may not be too useful.

The first trick to remove scratches from the glass, is to apply toothpaste on the scratched surface and spread it evenly with a cloth. Wait for it to dry and remove with a dry cloth what protrudes. In this way we will have concealed the damaged surface.

In the drugstores and similar stores we can also find a wax for crystals and we can use it as a substitute for toothpaste to remove scratches from the glass. To use it, we will have to follow the instructions of the product, since they can vary depending on the manufacturer. Commonly, it is spread on the glass and allowed to act for a few minutes, which vary depending on the manufacturer, and then a cloth is passed over the surface to remove the excess product.

The last option, something more expensive, is to polish the surface . The only drawback is that the entire piece has to be polished to be even and, if it is too large, it can be too cumbersome. In any case, it must be done with great care and following the indications of the product.

In short, for small imperfections in the crystals we can opt for more caserilla solutions, such as toothpaste or crystal wax . If the problem gets bigger, always go to a professional who puts an end to imperfections.