How to sleep early at night: Tricks and Techniques

If your mind is not at peace, it will be difficult for you to relax and sleep peacefully. Every night it repeats itself, you lie in bed with intentions to sleep, and unfortunately this does not happen. What’s more, it costs you until you close your eyes, you look like an owl. And the worst of all is that you are tired, you feel physically exhausted and even mentally. If I’m tired why can not I sleep? Damn insomnia. I do not know how to sleep early. You regret night after night, and then on top you have to get up early. The next day you hope that not having slept much the night before this time you can, but it is not like that. You start to perform less during the day, you live exhausted. Your life begins to be a martyrdom and the despair begins. You feel alone at night, empty. You realize that something is wrong. And you ask … Because I can not sleep?

Maybe someone is missing, maybe something worries you, maybe you feel afraid, who knows. Or maybe something makes you feel euphoric, something excites you, something makes you impatient, or think about your things, projects, plans. There can be so many reasons for your insomnia that you could create just one article talking about them. Whether for good or bad, for positive or negative feelings, your mind is full . It’s like a computer working day and night, but it has a switch and you just have to find it. How to sleep early One of the roots of the solution would be to learn to control your emotions so as not to disturb the mind. This is fine to say, but applying it is another issue. It can be very complex and time-consuming. In this article I will not talk about it because indirectly I do it in many. In fact, this blog is intended to lead readers towards a better mental education, to strengthen the mind, and therefore, emotional control is totally implicit. So, how can I sleep early at night? The solution is to try to arrive with a calm mind at the moment you want to go to sleep. We have to get disconnected, relax, and not give ball to the issues that prevent our dream.

To work. Use the computer. Using the cellphone. Do things that require mental effort. Do sport. If we watch television that are not programs, series or movies with a high rate and a lot of action. Watching a relaxed documentary, for example, of nature or fauna, would be ideal. After that, I’m sure you’ll ask: what do I do, look at the wall? They take away our technology and we are no longer anyone. What would we do without the mobile, the computer or the television … I recommend you read a book. If it can be in paper format or with a device adapted to it. I do not even recommend reading on the computer. When you feel the dream and your eyes begin to close, you will be close to the desired moment. Reading will help you to disconnect. You will forget everything and your mind will relax. You will avoid distracting yourself and moving away from that mental switch that disconnects our mind. Then leave the book and lie on the bed. Obviously close the light, and start to breathe deeply. Now is when you have to meditate , concentrate on your breathing. Observe it and avoid thinking about anything else. Keep it up until you fall asleep, where it should happen soon. Above all, avoid getting out of meditation since you will activate your brain again. Nothing happens if at times you get distracted, but try to return to your breathing. If despite all these tips you can not get to sleep, or just notice the dream, it’s because there are really issues that are affecting you too much. Here you should look for alternative options depending on the case. Still, as I said, this blog seeks to strengthen our minds, and with this we should be able to have more control of what affects us.

As a warning, in any case I recommend you resort to medication if you do not know what to do for insomnia. We will only be able to depend on them, apart from the fact that they are very harmful to health. Every time we need higher doses because our body gets used to it and we stop noticing the effects, and in the end the only thing we will achieve is to create dependency, without results and with side effects. By the way, I look at the clock and see that it’s 4:28 AM. And it is not that my advice is not worth anything, but that I have not fulfilled it. Right now I am working, using the computer and making a mental effort. This I am telling you so that you gain awareness that knowing without doing is useless . Therefore, I encourage you to put into practice everything said. Sweet Dreams