Make the wardrobe change in 6 steps

We are going to make the wardrobe change in 6 simple steps, because when autumn approaches, the change of wardrobe is mandatory and involves an investment of considerable time and space.

It is time to say goodbye to bikinis, beach towels and sandals. The summer clothes have to leave the closet and leave room for the clothes of the next season.

To make the change of wardrobe, we propose a series of steps to follow that we have explained from Bluespace , making it faster, effective and bearable.

1. Clean the cabinet

The first thing we have to do is empty the closet and clean its interior, perfuming it with lavender to welcome you to the new station. To prevent odors and moths , we can add naphthalene, cloves, cedar, orange and lemon peels or bags of lavender.

2. Wash and store summer clothing or accessories in perfect condition

Clothes must be washed and protected with covers . If it is delicate items it is convenient to clean them dry at the dry cleaner’s. With reference to footwear , it is advisable to introduce each model in an individual box or bag, having previously cleaned them. In the case of flip flops or other plastic footwear, it is convenient to clean them in the washing machine or by hand with water, soap and a brush. As for beach towels , it is advisable to wash them with little softener so they do not lose absorption capacity. Before folding them they must have lost all the moisture to be able to put them in a suitable plastic bag to avoid deterioration.

The swimsuits have a fabric that deserves special attention since they are exposed to the sun, bronzers, salt water and pool chlorine. To ensure proper preservation of the garments , first of all you have to wash them by hand with warm water and a little soap without softener, repeating once or twice. Then, we let them dry in the open air with the colors inwards, thus preventing them from deteriorating. Once completely dried, they can be stored in a cloth bag or airtight seal, preventing it from being pressed by other garments or objects.

In summer we also use hats that must be kept in good condition until the following season. To do this, use a cardboard box where the hat fits without bending, to absorb moisture and allow air circulation. Before storage, the hat should be completely dry and clean. Otherwise, you should dry outdoors and clean the spots with a little water rubbing gently.

3. Stores summer clothes and accessories

To store clothes, there are several options. We can use cardboard or fabric boxes, bags, or zipper bags . The cardboard boxes protect the clothes from moisture and moths, while the cloth ones allow perspiration. To combat the moths, you can also place inside the box a bag of lavender, cloves or cedar as a repellent and, at the same time, as a perfume. The airtight bags are very useful for packing garments that are not going to be used for a while, since they will occupy much less space.

4. Find the best place to store clothes

To store clothes and accessories, it is important to find an adequate, safe and clean space to avoid damage or deterioration.

5. Order your wardrobe

Once all the summer clothes and accessories have been stored, you must prepare the clothes you will use during the fall months to start filling the closet. It is convenient to divide it into the one you usually wear and the one you do not, to avoid messing it up often. Once separated, you can place it in the wardrobe grouping it according to the type of garment (sport or work) or color.

6. Take advantage of your wardrobe

To gain space and avoid wrinkling your clothes, use all the hangers in the closet of the same size. You can also add shelves at some points, multiplying the capacity of the cabinet.