Learn to teach, teach to learn

As first time parents, my husband and I are still both excited and worried about this new chapter in our lives. The world of parenthood is something that we have both desired and we are truly grateful for the gift of Joaquin in our lives. One of the important “gifts” we want to give Joaquin is to have the love for learning.


Education is something important to Wally and I. I’ve finished my Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry in 2010 while he is currently finishing his Masters Degree in Religious Studies. And as early as now, we are both looking at further studies for both of us in the future. How we hope that Joaquin will also love to study and more importantly love to learn.


At 1.2 months, I brought Joaquin for a trial play class. Since it was summer, it was just an informal gathering of the school’s students from last school year. He was a “saling-kit,” being the youngest in the group. But it was a sight to enjoy seeing him participate with the class (at least 80% of the time!) He went up to the teachers and sat on their laps as they read some books. He joined the group’s snack time and sat in the circle eating sandwiches with the other children. He watched the short movie that was shown (with full attention!) He even joined in creating his very own little acquarium and had his first pet fish! (Will make a new post about this soon!)


At 1.5 months, I wanted to enroll Joaquin in a once- a-week play school just for some informal school experience and the interaction with the other children. We checked a school near our area and inquired about this. But alas, they did not offer any weekend play classes for toddlers. I feel that it’s too early for Joaquin to start going to school for 2 hour classes 3 times a week. We’re looking at next school year to start any school for Joaquin since I personally started studying at 2 1/2 years old.


As I look forward to the WAHM life to spend more time with Joaquin, I know I have to make the most out of the time I do spend with him now. We know that the foundation years is very crucial so Wally & I want to equip ourselves as much as possible. We are looking at two events in the next two weeks which we think will help us in laying the right foundation for Joaquin.


On September 14, 2013 (Saturday), Manila Workshops’ Parenting Pals series will conduct “How I learn: Early Childhood Developmental Milestones and Learning Activities. The workshop will tackle the roles and responsibilities of parents in their children’s development; developmental characteristics from 0-6 years old; and helping young children develop and learn through play.

I am personally looking forward to the new creative activities that are age appropriate for Joaquin. At 1 1/2 years old, he is really very inquisitive and loves to explore anything and everything around him. Engaging him the proper way can really help in his personal development.